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Vysoká škola ekonomická v Praze



Vysoká škola ekonomická v Praze

nám. W. Churchilla 1938/4
130 67 Praha 3 - Žižkov
Tel: +420 224 095 111
Fax: 224 095 687
IČO: 61384399
DIČ: CZ61384399

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Centrum informačních a knihovnických služeb VŠE v Praze 

eBooks at CIKS VŠE

Study according the latest trends, read the books in their electronic versions! VŠE students and staff can access following collections, where it is possible to download the full texts of e-books.

Available collections

Publications are for private use only and cannot be shared without further permissions from publishers.

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 Recommended publications (9)

Students a staff of the VŠE can download selected Czech publications for free. To get an access you have to login to the web with your Shibboleth account - ISIS username & password. After the registration (creating your user account on the web for the first time) selected publications are available in the section "eStudovna" under your account at You can also download all publications later after finishing your study at VŠE.

Publications are protected with social DRM, you cannot publish this publications! Your name will be identified from the file easily. But you can recommend to your colleagues to download the publication from the web in the same way as you did.

Levná knihovna

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 Recommended publications (19)

Thanks to the cooperation of the library VŠE and the Aleš Čeněk Ltd. publishing, students and staff at VŠE can borrow e-books from the fields of law, economics, political science, philosophy, psychology and others. You can borrow the book up to 14 days, and it repeatedly. Publications are then available for reading online. Like in the library, one publication offered by CIKS can be borrowed free of charge by just one student.

ProQuest Ebook Central

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 Recommended publications (13)

A continuously updated collection of more than 12000 e-book titles, produced by world´s leading publishers, covering subject areas of accounting, business ethics, capital markets & investments, corporate culture, corporate finance, economic policy, entrepreneurship, human resources, international business, marketing and real estate. Access to the fulltext is described in the presentation (Czech only).

Wiley - IT fields

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 Recommended publications (12)

Wiley company is one of the world´s largest producers of professional and scientific documents mainly from the fields of science, technology and medicine. VŠE has purchased 8 Wiley´s e-book titles focused on computer science. Full text is available under the PDF link for each chapter.