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Center of Information and Library Services 

International Interlibrary Loan Service

The International Interlibrary Loan Service (IILS) procures the copies of articles and loan of publications from the foreign libraries. The service is procured for the employees of the University of Economics, Prague for a fee.

CIKS procures such service in cooperation with a respective department of IILS in the National Library of the Czech Republic and in the State Technical Library.

How to Order the Service

Through the IILS it is possible to ask only for the documents which are not available from the resources of the libraries in the territory of the Czech Republic. It is necessary to check it before the request to IILS in the Union Catalogue of the Czech Republic (UCC) is entered or through the Uniform Information Gateway (UIG).

An order is accepted on a special form in the printed or electronic form. On the call card there must be mentioned the basic bibliographical details including ISBN/ISSN.

Price for the Services

IILS is provided for a fee the amount of which is determined by the conditions of the circulating library, see the Pricelist of Services. It is procured only for the employees of the University of Economics, Prague and is paid from the budget of the separate faculties. For students and the public it is more advantageous to turn to the particular departments of the National Library of the Czech Republic and State Technical Library. In the case of the service being procured by CIKS, the actual costs are charged.

Service Manager

Mgr. Eva Havlíková  

room: 034C SB
phone: (+420) 224 095 598
fax: (+420) 224 095 869

Price for Service

VŠE professors, other employees: charged, see Pricelist

Service Order