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Vysoká škola ekonomická v Praze

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130 67 Praha 3 - Žižkov
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Center of Information and Library Services 

Orders, Purchase and Registration of Periodicals

Rules of ordering the periodicals for use by the VŠE departments, distribution policy, access and storage. The service is procured by CIKS for teachers, those ensuring grants and other VŠE employees.

Periodicals for all libraries, reading rooms and VŠE departments are ordered, purchased and registered centrally in the Library collections processing department - section of periodicals according to the Rules of obtaining and making available the information resources of VŠE (managed by CIKS) – Periodicals (PDF - available only in Czech).
The rules are intended for everyone who places orders and accepts for use the periodical publications (magazines, newspapers etc.). If the procedures determined by these rules are not followed, CIKS cannot procure delivery of the required titles in the particular quantity and on schedule.

Ordering of Periodicals

  1. through the annual subscription on the basis of the lists.
    Standardly, the purchase of periodicals for all VŠE departments located in Prague is ensured centrally, in the form of one-time order of all periodical titles for the following year.
    In May each year a list of periodical titles which the separate departments subscribe in the given year is provided for the separate departments; an updated list of titles required for the following year (with withdrawn and added titles, with the financial resource for separate titles including a certificate from a responsible employee) must be submitted to Library collections processing department, room M20SB, by June 30.
  2. except for the annual subscription the approved requirements for the purchase of periodicals are only accepted:
    • upon request of a representative of the faculty/department in LISC, e.g. if a new issued title is in question
    • if the required title is paid for from another financial resources than from the budget resources (e.g. from the grants)

How to Order the Service

The purchases can be made only on the basis of the completed order form:

Payments for Periodicals

To the departments, divisions and other work places of VŠE only the periodicals paid for from the financial resources of such work places, grants, research projects etc. are being ordered. The CIKS budget serves only for the purchase of the periodicals for the reading rooms.

Distribution, Access and Periodical Storage

  • Periodicals intended to be placed in the departments and other work places are necessary to be picked up in room M20sb. The separate work places are obliged to store them and make them available or return them to CIKS.
  • Periodicals intended for the libraries and reading rooms are made available on an attendance basis, old printed copies are placed in storage. The exact location is always necessary to be looked up in the VŠE Union Catalogue, the old printed copies are for guidance placed as follows:
    • bound titles of magazines issued by 1975 are placed in the store in VŠE Točná and it is possible to borrow and take them to the reading room in Žižkov. The delivery date is about 1 week. Those interested in the magazines by 1975 are recommended to turn to the National Library of the Czech Republic which stores the mandatory printed copies.
    • bound titles of the magazines from 1976 – 1989 are placed in the store of CIKS in Veleslavín. It is possible to borrow and take them to the reading room in Žižkov where it is also possible to order them, the delivery date is about 1 week.
    • the magazines from 1990 are placed in the main store of CIKS in the old building in Žižkov and are possible to be borrowed and taken to the reading room on an attendance basis, generally within 20 minutes.
  • The borrowing of the periodicals placed in the departments and other work places fall within the responsibility of a head of the workplace if another responsible employee is not in charge.
  • CIKS gets bound and stores on a long-term basis only selected magazine titles corresponding to the resource profile. Also the availability of a title in another Czech libraries is taken account of.
  • Periodicals withdrawn from the CIKS resource are continuously offered at the web pages of CIKS. Those who are interested can send their requests at  always by a time period mentioned in the particular list. It is supposed that the interested person will carry away the periodicals on its own.

Service manager

Eva Zárubová  

room: M20 SB
phone: (+420) 224 095 587
phone: (+420) 224 095 583


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