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1. 7. 2018 - Summer Holidays

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BiblioBox – easy way to hand back books at Žižkov

BiblioBoxAll the books, which you were not able to hand back during the opening hours of VŠE Library Žižkov or from Study Library Jižní Město, you can place in Bibliobox located next to an entrance to the classroom no. 127 in the 1st floor of Old Building at Žižkov. The handed back books will be discharged from your library account on the next weekday.

Please, don´t use Bibliobox for discharge of the books from Library of the Faculty of Management Jindřichův Hradec. Their transport from Žižkov is not feasible presently in order to provide an update of the loans in your library account on time, i. e. the books are not accessible for other users.